We take the developments around the coronavirus (Covid-19) very seriously. The safety and health of our participants, partners, customers and the employees have top priority. We therefore take all necessary and possible precautionary measures and closely monitor current developments via the Federal Ministry of Health and the Robert Koch Institute.

According to the WHO, the Robert Koch Institute and the German authorities, the risk of infection with the pathogen in Germany is (still) classified as moderate. However, developments in Europe and the postponement and cancellation of trade fairs in Germany show that the situation can change on a daily basis.

What do the security measures look like at events?
At our conferences we will ensure the highest possible standards of hygiene measures. The close cooperation of all the parties involved ensures that any new knowledge is exchanged and the measures for the event locations are adapted.

Will we cancel events?
Since our events are generally not comparable to the trade fairs that are currently being postponed or cancelled, especially with regard to international participants, guests and speakers, we currently do not assume the need of cancellation of planned conferences. All event preparations therefore continue as planned. If anything changes in this assessment, we will communicate this immediately.

Risk assessment by the Robert Koch Institute

Federal Ministry of Health